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“Taking Ms. Whelan’s summer college essay course is an absolute must. She gives every student personal attention and advice, and her years of experience in reading college essays make her feedback extremely trustworthy and valuable. I already had completed essays after the five-day course, but, more importantly, I understood how to choose topics for and write future essays. I wrote close to fifty essays for various applications in total, but Ms. Whelan’s class gave me the confidence and skills to work with any prompt. I cannot thank her enough.”

A Student

“I wanted to tell you that six representatives from various universities come to my son’s high school to review the boys’ essays with them. The goal was to see their essays through the lens of the universities.  I wanted to tell you that my son was partnered with Vanderbilt, and they had no recommendations for change on the common app essay that he wrote in your class!  I thought that was amazing as I heard many boys had a lot of changes that they needed to make after meeting with the colleges.  I didn’t know if you get feedback from the schools so wanted to tell you what a great job you are doing and that your class really helped my son.  I can’t wait to send my second son to you next year. Thank you again for your help.”

A Parent

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More Feedback

From Students

  • “Ms. Whelan really knows what she is talking about.  She is passionate about her work and genuinely cares about her students.  I feel as though my essay is perfect.”

  • “Considering I went from not knowing how to even approach college essays to feeling like I have the tools to do any essay, I would say that the class was very helpful and encouraging.  The instructor was very organized and prepared, and the packet we got is excellent and will be a great guide as I continue to write.”

  • “The one-on-one time, both in and out of class, was so helpful and really guided me through writing all my essays.”

  • “Small class size allowed for individual attention.  I got really good feedback and suggestions from the workshop and conference.”

  • “The course is very structured, which makes it easy for anyone to succeed.  Ms. Whelan is a miracle worker.”

  • “I liked that we had so many sample essays available so we could see what they were supposed to be like.  I like how the time was divided.  Drafting time forced me to crank out my drafts, while workshops and conferences helped me in revising.”

  • “The class is paced well: relaxed but efficient.”

  • “Honestly, without this course, I would’ve been lost, and I probably would’ve procrastinated.  I’m so glad I got my main essays done.”

  • “I liked having set time to just work on my essay.  I’m not a great self-starter and loved having a teacher to tell me to work at certain times and someone who would give me feedback on my essay.”

  • “I feel confident with my essay, and I can’t wait to submit it.”

  • “Ms. Whelan helped me get layers in my essay, to show who I am in better language.”

  • “This was fun!”

  • “I feel prepared for applications, and I’m no longer worried about them.”

  • “The packet [full of essay writing advice] is the most helpful thing I’ve ever gotten for writing.”

  • “It helped to take some of the pressure off.”

  • “I liked that Ms. Whelan took all of the pieces home to give feedback on each one.”

  • “She made me want to do my best work.”

  • “I’ve never met such a helpful teacher.”

  • “This course really helped me push my limits.  The individual conferences really made me think about how I could improve my essay in a different way than I would typically think of.”

  • “Ms. Whelan was awesome at describing how to go about the process.”

  • “The instructor was encouraging and really helped create a polished piece that was still ‘me.’”

  • “Ms. Whelan did so much research to prepare for the class.  She really knew what she was teaching.”

  • “Ms. Whelan welcomed all questions and answered them honestly but in an encouraging way.”

  • “Ms. Whelan helped each person find their voice.”

  • “Ms. Whelan is incredibly positive and open-minded.”

  • “The course was an honest environment with supportive individuals.”

  • “The amount of individual attention to me and my essay was valuable and crucial.  I really appreciated the fact that it felt like Ms. Whelan really cared about helping me produce my best work.”

  • “The instructor helps but doesn’t tell.  She knew what she was talking about.”

  • “I would take this course over and over again if I could.  I learned so much from this class and would not have been able to write my essay on my own.”

  • “This class was so incredibly helpful, and I’m so glad I took it.  I would definitely recommend it to every incoming senior.”

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